Is Kelna Beirut affiliated to any political party in Lebanon?

Our campaign is an independent initiative from members of different segments of the Lebanese society, who are mainly from Beirut. It is not affiliated in any way to any political party in Lebanon or abroad.

Where do we get our funding from?

Our campaign is funded by the candidates themselves as well as private donors through different channels (crowdfunding, fundraising events, networking, and outreach). We abide by the Electoral Law 44/2017. In addition, and to further secure our independence, a single donation cannot account for more than 10% of the budget’s campaign.

What’s the extent of our political experience?

We believe in the collective accumulation of experiences of the members of the list and the team behind the campaign, which contains political, strategic and communication experts. Candidates from Kelna Beirut have a track record of political, social and union work. Furthermore, members of Kelna Beirut have been involved in civil society campaigns around key issues. In addition, the candidates are prominent members of their respective communities, some of whom were former candidates in the Beirut Madinati Municipal Elections campaign in 2016.

Why should you vote for Kelna Beirut?

By supporting our list, you are making sure that people – who have been living the same situation as you and suffering from the same results of a corrupted system – are taking back control of their own lives and start working on making everyone’s lives better in Beirut and the entire country.

By being a “Kelna Beirut supporter”, you are sharing the campaign’s values and mission.  

By supporting our candidates in their struggle to make it into parliament, you are helping us to take our pledge to the next level and fulfill Member of Parliament’s legislative duty based on decency, consistency, and righteousness. In other words, reclaiming the meaning of being a civil servant working for the interest of the Lebanese citizens in general and the Beirutis in particular.

What are our values and principles?

Kelna Beirut, as campaign and candidates, believes in the principles of Diversity, Freedom, Social Justice and Innovation. As such, Beirut embodies the eternal capital and symbol of Lebanon and represents the heart of the Lebanese cultural diversity and mosaique, which speaks of mutual respect and tolerance amongst the different communities which populate it. In a nutshell, Beirut embodies the Rule of Law and fundamental rights and liberties and personifies the power of innovation and creativity, in addition to its ancient history and rich culture.

Where do you stand in the national political spectrum?

We believe that there is an alternative path from the traditional political rhetoric that divides our country. It starts with the enforcement of our country’s constitution. Our candidates pledge to preserve the application of the Lebanese constitution, given the political deadlocks we as citizens are suffering from. The State’s prerogatives in National Security, the application of the Taif’s agreement, and the need to gradually overcome political sectarianism while preserving freedom of religion represent many illustrations of how reverting back to the constitution constitutes the first step to tackle with courage our deepest political concerns.

You can access our political principles through this link

What is your program?

Our program consists of addressing the following core issues for which we have a clear vision, and are in deep need of legislative reform and political oversight for the benefit of all citizens in an equal way:

  • National Security and Safety of Lebanese citizens
  • Decent Living
  • Identity and Transportation
  • Economy, Labor market and Social Justice
  • Justice and Liberties

 You can access our program on through this link