Hassan Faisal Sinno

Industrial Engineer and specialist in Operations Research


Hassan is an Industrial Engineer Businessman holding a Bachelor in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research from Columbia University in New York and MBA from INSEAD in France. He holds several positions in leading companies in the Middle East and Europe in the field of timber production and trade. Hassan is the Managing Director of International Timber Company and Vice President of Unitco in Lebanon, Board Member of International Timber Company Limited in the KSA, and also the Chairman of the Board of Romanel International Group which a timber production entity with a pioneering arm in the production of renewable energy.

Why am I a candidate?

I believe that the Lebanon we have been proud to promote is rapidly disintegrating socially, economically, ethically. For that reason, an immediate action is mandatory if we want our children to have a chance in living in a country where they will find job opportunities in a safe and clean environment.

As a Member of Parliament, and in addition to the duty of monitoring the government’s performance, I will focus on enhancing the sense of citizenship in the school curriculum as I believe it is essential for building the State and its institutions. I would also promote laws around the principles of transparency and efficiency in managing all types of national resources, which is the basis for getting us out of the economic crisis we are in. Finally, we must work towards producing renewable energy that will ensure the electrical needs of the country protecting its environment.

Family status: Married and a father of 3 children