How to vote in the new 2018 voting system

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Who are we?

Kelna Beirut is an electoral campaign that seeks to introduce a new approach to political life based on the issues and problems of the people of Beirut in particular. This is because Beirut is the capital city, the country’s core, and its unique jewel.

The members of this campaign all believe in the duties of the main deputy in legislation and monitoring in the context effective and sincere effort. The latter is inseparable from our mission of being the voice of conscience of the people, a conveyer of their concerns, in close contact with their work conditions, in harmony with women and men, and the youth and the elders equally likely.

Members of this campaign form the basis of this new approach; which is to get in direct contact with people, to live their daily problems, and to establish closer relationships with them, without an intermediary. They are the holders of their own action plan designed to carry out parliamentary work in the capital in order to be supported by the voters and to be held accountable in front of them on these premises.