Who are we?

Kelna Beirut is an electoral campaign that seeks to introduce a new approach to political life based on the issues and problems of the people of Lebanon and for Beirut in particular. This is because Beirut is the city’s capital and the symbol of its sovereignty.

The members of this campaign believe in the duties of the member of parliament in legislating, monitoring and holding governments accountable. The latter is inseparable from the mission of conveying the voice of conscience and citizens’ concerns, thus remaining in close contact with their condition, as women and men, as youth and elders.

The backbone of Kelna Beirut campaign is its grassroots approach. Therefore, it is mandatory to get in direct contact with the people, live their daily problems, and establish closer relationships with them, without the need of intermediaries. The members of this campaign carefully designed an action plan to carry out essential parliamentary and legislative work in the capital. Kelna Beirut is present as an alternative option for the voters and is expecting to be held accountable on these premises.

Our Project

The members of the Kelna Beirut campaign have the strength and the will to rise against the fate of politics in this country. Lebanese politics has been stuck for the past decades within the same vicious circle imposed by the political class. Kelna Beirut rises with the support of the people of Beirut so they no longer have to accept that Lebanon and its capital become a source of disappointment and burial for their projects, ideas, dreams, and ambitions.

Kelna Beirut aims at working directly the people of Beirut and their benefit, especially the poor and the middle class. This requires an immediate action to address the disappointment and growing sense of frustration of the communities in Beirut due to negligence.

The members of the campaign aim to devote the principle of relying on the local capacities in various fields in public and private sectors. We understand the need to rectify the gap of proper representation of the people of Beirut in the legislative branch and therefore the necessity to introduce modern and active elements and believers in the spirit of Beirut. We believe this is the route that should be taken in order to improve the situation of the people and the families who are present in all Lebanese regions.

Kelna Beirut is part of a national opposition spirit in line with the efforts in the other Lebanese regions. In this sense, it represents a unique approach, so that voters can choose between those who have long witnessing or practicing corruption and those offering a promising, fair and honest approach.

Why are we running?

Because we know Beirut as the heart knows its arteries;

We are part of its history;

We are of the essence of every family and every individual;

Of every home, alley, street, terrace, and story engraved in our memories;

We have lived in war and peace, bitterness and sweetness, hardship and ease, despair and hope;

The time has come to contribute to the promotion of opportunities towards prosperity;

Because we have the strength and the will and the way;

We offer our lives, our competencies, talents, abilities and ideas for the capital Beirut;

This is why we ask for your support;

To put these energies in the service of the city and its people;

We are a list of parents;

We are the sons and daughters of Beirut;

We are its residents and people;

We know its pains, worries, and potential;

We are the ones yearning to the essence of its meaning and role;

We are all Beirut;

Kelna Beirut.