Dr. Nadine Itani

Aviation Expert and Human Capital Development Consultant

Nadine is an expert in Civil Aviation Strategies, a managing partner of a company specialized in Airport project management. She is also a human capital development specialist in the sector of air transport and a licensed International civil aviation professional trainer. Nadine has supervised several projects that aimed to develop airports in a number of GCC and North African countries.

Nadine holds a Ph.D. in Air Transport Systems, is currently the President of the Middle East Aviation Research Society for Scientific Research in Aviation and the Founder of an organization that aims at empowering women in the aviation industry (Women Aviation Forum).

Nadine is a university lecturer and has published a book pertaining the development of civil aviation policies and strategic planning for air transport. She had several scientific publications on the economics of air transport. Nadine was the first Lebanese to be awarded The United Nations Prize for Scientific Research in Air Transport in developing countries alongside being a Pilot-in-training and a member of the 99s; International Female Pilots Association.

Why am I a candidate?

I want to put my expertise in the field of transport policies and planning at the service of the Lebanese society.

As a Member of Parliament, I pledge to be a voice for youth and women in the Parliament and to bring their causes and needs into the decision-making platforms.

Family status: Married and mother of two children.