Dr. Naji Kodeih

Environmental activist and Expert in industrial chemical toxins and pollution

Naji is an environmental activist since the year 1995, locally and internationally. He follows up on most of the environment-related issues in Lebanon and the region, especially chemical poison and waste, as he served several official positions as an independent expert.
Naji participated in the launch of a number of movements and associations and was active all throughout; these include the environmental movement, the Lebanese Association for Environmental Protection, Zero Waste coalition, Waste Management Alliance and other movements and local and international associations.
Naji served as a consultant within the field of his specialization as a member of the Advisory Committee of the International POPs Elimination Network, as well as working in several non-governmental organizations active in the field of waste and chemicals management. In recent years he has been closely following the waste issue and the issue of environmental degradation and pollution versus successive government policies, as well as the implications of these policies on public health.

Naji holds a Ph.D. in Chemical Toxicology and Chemical Pollution Management from Bulgaria and obtained a Master’s Degree in Chemical Engineering, Organic Synthesis, and Combustible Materials.

Naji participated in dozens of international and regional conferences and workshops related to environmental topics and related international conventions and has written dozens of reports, studies, and articles related to the environment, protection and pollution control, waste, and policy risks in Lebanon with respect to the previously mentioned. Additionally, he produced a publication pertaining to the water wealth management and how to face projects of environmental and financial waste through the use of existing dams.

Why am I a candidate?

I believe it is time for the longlasting failing political class to step aside. They have failed to manage our priorities as citizens and therefore a new professional track should take back the parliamentary work narrative.

As a Member of Parliament, I pledge to work on developing sound environmental policies and to monitor the governments’ work in this regard.

Family status: Married and has two daughters.