Members of the “Kelna Beirut” campaign are running for the parliamentary elections in Beirut 2 Electoral District to enforce the implementation of the Lebanese Constitution, the overarching guarantee of our rights and duties as citizens, individuals, and groups. It is the Constitution that limits any abuse of power and forms the backbone of a Civilized State and the Rule of Law.

On State and Institutions

The State envisaged by the Kelna Beirut campaign is embodied in the Civil State, based on its Institutional Corps and the Rule of Law, the State which ensures individual rights of citizens and the collective rights of the Lebanese cultural and religious groups, based on Diversity, Equality, the Rule of Law, Social Justice and Political Participation.

The campaign’s vision is that of a Lebanese citizenship that embraces the different identity dimensions of both individuals and families, acknowledging the strong attachment to the religious and sectarian affiliation as an integral part of their identity. To this need to be further consolidated societal ties with State institutions and its public administration that the campaign members pledge to develop.


The campaign welcomes the principle of administrative decentralization in order to strengthen local governance, which in turn shall reinforce the ties between citizens and State institutions starting with the local governance units. Moreover, the campaign stresses the importance of promoting e-government tools and the use of electronic means in transactions and procedures in official administrations.

On National Security and the

Human Security of the Lebanese

The Kelna Beirut campaign is strongly attached to preserving Civil Peace in Lebanon and reestablishing the sovereignty of the State, respecting the constitution, preserving democratic practices and safeguarding stability and national unity. The constant disregard towards the institutions and official channels whilst applying the concept of national resistance has shaken the pillars of the Lebanese state. Therefore, the campaign of “Kelna Beirut” believes in the need of ensuring legal and procedural guarantees under the Rule of Law with respect to the decisions of peace and war and during the conduct of hostilities. The latter should be aligned with the existing defense structure within the Lebanese Republic in order to safeguard the Lebanese national security, in compliance with the international resolutions and international law and the right of self-defense when responding to regional and local threats to the Lebanese territory, either from Israeli attacks against the nation, or terrorist actions that endanger the security and safety of Lebanese citizens.

On Decent Living

The Campaign believes in the right of every Lebanese citizen to a decent living based on the principles of social justice and equal opportunity, as well as the balanced development among different regions. Hence the urgency of addressing the factors of deterioration in Beirut and the Nation with regards to the vital issues in people’s lives, namely Health, Housing, Education, Environment, and Culture, thus working in favor of sustainable solutions in these areas, with the needed support of a Beirut Development Funds.

Identity and Transport

This campaign believes in the need for every citizen to recover their freedom of movement throughout the Lebanese territory from up North to the South. It is thus imperative to counter the severance of national territorial ties that is endangering both coexistence and civil peace. The transport crisis in the country has led to a growing isolation among different groups, in which individual have been drastically limited in their basic life choices, such as the workplace and social and family relations, all due to the surreal time required to move around freely, hence leading the country to further confinement into regions and sectarianism. It is why it is imperative to oversee the development of a national transportation plan in Lebanon, especially within the Greater Beirut area, along with relying on public transportation modes to connect Beirut and its suburbs, among which the use of sea transport.

On the Economy, the Labor Market

and Social Justice

The campaign believes in the need to modernize the Lebanese economy and stimulate the labor market through the introduction of modern and effective tools. These methods would allow the Lebanese youth to launch initiatives and develop startups that would greatly stimulate the knowledge economy.

The campaign also intends to address the problematic cost of establishing businesses and the need to facilitate the formation of self-owned companies, while supporting strategic sectors such as tourism, technology, creative industries and energy.

The principle of Social Justice is enshrined in paragraph (c) of the Constitution’s preamble, whereas the Republic of Lebanon “is based on […] social justice”. As such, the campaign emphasizes the central priorities that need to be addressed to alleviate the distress endured by citizens, such as the provision of electricity, water and cheaper telecommunications.

The campaign also aims at achieving a fair tax system that would redistribute the fiscal burden among the productive groups of society and reconsidering the various tax bases in the daily life of citizens such as income, inheritance, and luxury.

On Justice and Liberties

The separation of power principle constitutes a central and essential pillar of any State complying with the Rule of Law as it is enshrined in the national texts. Therefore, there is a great need to strengthen the role of an independent judiciary and reform the judicial system to reinforce the Rule of Law and the State’s sovereignty.

The judiciary plays an essential role in protecting the constitutional principles related to diversity, equality, justice and liberty, thereby constituting a fundamental guarantee of the rights of citizens, individually and collectively, as well as an important buffer against arbitrary practices by any given authority.