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Read here under the main highlights of Kelna Beirut Socio-Economic Program
A General Booklet will be made available soon, stay tuned on the website or on Kelna Beirut social media accounts

On State Institutions

a. Civil State & Institutions


i. Ensure Compliance with Constitution
ii. Transcend Political Confessionalism

Policies & Measures:
1. Hold accountable Executive authorities and Public administration
2. Respect constitutional provisions and deadlines
3. Enforce articles 22 and 95 of the Constitution
4. Institute a Senate that would represent and defend the communities' interests
5. Promote Citizenship and Civic engagement

b. Decentralization

i. Move towards an expanded administrative decentralization
ii. Strengthen both local and central capabilities to achieve successful reform

Policies & Measures:
1. Adopt the 2014 decentralization draft law
2. Monitor implementation to ensure proper enforcement
3. Oversee capacity-building on the local and national levels


c. E-Government

i. Provide the regulatory framework for e-governance
ii. Improve Lebanon’s ranking on the Network Readiness and E-government Development index

Policies & Measures:
1. Review and adopt e-transaction and data privacy law
2. Support the implementation of the One Stop Shop initiatives with needed legislation
3. Adopt policy mechanisms to involve the private sector
4. Support and monitor awareness training and skill-building efforts


On Economic Development, Labor and Social Justice


a. Public Debt

i. Move towards reducing public debt to a sustainable level of GDP (~90%)
ii. Restore fiscal sustainability
iii. Reduce the reliance on the banking sector

Policies & Measures:
1. Reducing public sectors spending (promoting efficiency with e-governance, implementing energy – EDL - reforms)
2. Increasing revenue (increasing compliance and revenue base, establishing the legal framework for a Sovereign Wealth Fund)
3. Support the stability of the banking sector by activating the needed regulatory processes


b. Strategic Sectors

i. Revitalise the business and investment climate to support strategic sectors in Beirut (ICT, Tourism, and the creative industry)
ii. Create new jobs and reduce unemployment
iii. Promote economic growth

Policies & Measures:
1. Develop and adopt a cyber-security law and enforce the implementation of the Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) law
2. Monitor the implementation of the food safety law
3. Monitor the protection and maintenance of heritage sites
4. Reduce VAT to 5% for strategic sectors
5. Remove import tariffs on some goods relevant to strategic sectors, promote reciprocity with trade partners


c. SMEs & Entrepreneurship

i. Support SMEs, especially in strategic sectors in order to create jobs and promote economic growth
ii. Support entrepreneurship and innovation in the Lebanese economy
iii. Improve Lebanon’s position in the ease of doing business ranking

Policies & Measures:
1. Modify the business formation law to allow for Auto-entrepreneurship and Self-Owned Companies and Simplify the requirements and cost to start a business
2. Ratify the Code of commerce, update the domestic and foreign investment law, ratify the new competition law, approve the draft bankruptcy law and expand the Circular 331


d. Labor Law & Social Security

i. Adapt the labor law to the needs and challenges of today’s market to incentivise job creation
ii. Guarantee employees’ and self-employed rights in social security and pensions
iii. Improve the state of social security through administrative reform
iv. Provide a better and more inclusive service to citizens

Policies & Measures:
1. Amend the labor law to include additional groups and categories of workers and thus benefit from the NSSF
2. Reform the Arbitral Work Council Decree
3. Amend the Termination law
4. Amend the Union formation law
5. Support the improvement of the internal NSSF governance
6. Reduce financial waste through audits and staff reorganisation
7. Increase coverage through the introduction of universal health card


e. Energy

i. Improve the quantity and quality of electricity supply and reduced price on households and businesses
ii. Reduce government support to EDL

Policies & Measures:
1. Reactivate the organizing body for the electricity sectors as per law 462
2. Review the transparency of tender bidding for leasing power-generating barges
3. Lobby for directing the National Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Action (NEEREA) available loans towards renewable energy


f. Vocational Training

i. Reform Vocational Training Education (VTE) governance
ii. Build the skills of the Lebanese workforce
iii. Create new jobs and reduce unemployment by the matching demand for skills with adequate supply

Policies & Measures:
1. Implement policies to align vocational training with strategic sectors needs
2. Clarify the mandates of the MEHE and DGVTE and reactivate the role of the higher council and CERD
3. Support and activate the VTE Strategy
4. Involve the private sector in training through tax breaks and incentives


g. Fiscal Justice

i. Ensure a fairer distribution of the fiscal burden in line with social justice
ii. Reduce the share of indirect taxes revenue in order to make the systems fairer
iii. Cancel exemptions on luxury goods and other items where necessary.
iv. Combat evasions by individuals, companies and institutions

Policies & Measures:
1. Remove exemptions on luxury goods and monitor its enforcement
2. Reduce tax evasions with the right monitoring mechanisms
3. Review fiscal tax system, namely on revenue and inheritance tax bases



On Decent Living

a. Health

i. Improve the quality of care in public hospitals
ii. Reduce the financial burden on the MoPH to be able to provide care for a large number of people
iii. Improve skills at the Ministry and public hospitals
iv. Create a Beirut Development Fund (BDF)

Policies & Measures:
1. Support the MoPH Implementation Strategy
2. Set policy mechanisms to involve the private sector in the supervision of hospitals
3. Adopt a law to issue universal health card for citizens at a low cost
4. Support the Ministry to employ qualified staff
5. Use the BDF to support public hospitals in Beirut


b. Housing

i. Increase the stock of affordable housing in Beirut
ii. Help reduce the pressure on prices to allow Beirutis who left to move back and those who live here to stay
iii. Support old tenants to overcome challenges resulting from the new rental law
iv. Create a Development Fund for Beirut (BDF)

Policies & Measures:
1. Establish and monitor the work of a new parliamentary housing committee
2. Support reintroducing empty abandoned flats to the market through PPPs
3. Work relevant stakeholders and experts to find solutions to the housing problem
4. Introduce inclusionary housing policies
5. Use BDF to support old tenants to pay for the new rents.


c. Education

i. Provide good quality public education
ii. Support teachers in trainings and development
iii. Improve Lebanon’s ranking in educational indicators
iv. Create a Development Fund for Beirut (BDF)

Policies & Measures:
1. Set a % of the BDF for schools in Beirut
2. Support teachers training
3. Modify and improve school curricula to be in line with international standards


d. Environment

i. Enforce environmental governance
ii. Combat air, sea and mountain pollution by reversing current policies
iii. Find and implement sustainable solutions to resolve the waste crisis
iv. Create a Development Fund for Beirut (BDF)

Policies & Measures:
1. Update and enforce environmental laws and standards
2. Update the National Environmental Action Plan
3. Support the establishment of environmental police force
4. Develop Environmental sanctions: Polluter pays principle
5. Improve data availability and accessibility


e. Culture

i. Preserve the national culture and heritage
ii. Provide affordable cultural destinations for citizens and tourists
iii. Maintain and manage heritage sites
iv. Incentivise the use or Arabic language in schools and universities
v. Create a Development Fund for Beirut (BDF)

Policies & Measures:
1. Support the development of a heritage management framework
2. Adopt the recommendations from UNDP study with the relevant laws and decrees
3. Adopt and enforce the new heritage buildings law
4. Create a PPP mechanism for the renovation of the remaining old buildings in Beirut
5. Translate scientific papers to Arabic and support teachers in promoting the language


On Transport & Infrastructure

a. Public Transport

i. Reduce household reliance on the private car
ii. Reduce transport-relate pollution and improve public health
iii. Reduce transport cost and time spent on the road
iv. Reduce loss of productivity in the private sector

Policies & Measures:
1. Support development of the Beirut Tramway and other alternative transportation means like sea taxi and railway
2. Endorse the law for establishing the Land Transport Authority
3. Outsource public transportation through PPPs
4. Monitor the enforcement of the transport regulation


b. Infrastructure

i. Promote transparency and sustainability and inclusiveness in infrastructure investment
ii. Improve infrastructure to help promote productivity and economic growth and safeguard public safety

Policies & Measures:
1. Promote partnership with the private sector for infrastructure investment through PPP law
2. Lobby for the revitalisation of the train network
3. Monitor infrastructure investment and endorse national standards for territorial infrastructure, including needed set-up for the handicapped.
4. Support water production in increasing wastewater treatment


c. Telecoms & Internet

i. Meeting the growing demand of IT and mobile services in Lebanon.
ii. Invest in the telecom infrastructure to expand and modernize the sector.
iii. Facilitate the easy access of Lebanese citizens and companies to high-speed internet at affordable prices.
iv. Protect the country’s financial and security interests by eliminating illegal internet networks

Policies & Measures:
1. Monitor and increase internet speed
2. Lobby for the implementation of the Access to information law
3. Revise the telecommunication law
4. Emphasize the new competition law
5. Promote investment law 360


d. Public Safety

Safeguard public safety by upgrading road infrastructure and raising awareness

Policies & Measures:
1. Improve data collection
2. Amend the current traffic law
3. Monitor the implementation of traffic law
4. Improve road infrastructure
5. Spread Awareness on traffic safety
6. Reorganise driving schools