Zeina Majdalani

Landscape Architect

Recognized as one of the most experienced landscape architects in the region, Zeina has worked with a large number of pioneering engineering companies. She worked for years in London before returning to Lebanon to start her own business, which later expanded to the Middle East, North Africa, and Europe.
During her career, Zeina has implemented several projects in Lebanon, the Middle East, and Europe, including the development of modern cities, tourist resorts, housing projects, commercial projects, public squares, gardens and characteristic streets.
Zeina has won several local and international awards and competitions. Among her most recent projects is the restoration of the Sanayeh Park in Beirut, for which she is very proud of.

Why am I a candidate? 

I firmly believe in our responsibility as individuals in this society and in our ability to bring change after years of failure at all levels, from political vision to policies and public administration. These practices led us to a reality contrasting with who we really are.

As a Member of Parliament, I pledge that I will remain independent and that my work will be based on the priorities of the people, and that I will live up to the ambitions of the Lebanese who are expressing their aspirations for a better tomorrow.

Family status: Married and a mother of three children.